for too long
and no

no words
for far too long

no answering the phone
(then and now)

when light finally
broke through

escape from prison
she spoke

but didn’t speak
unable to speak

hiding away
resting, recovering

from a month
of savagery

she now cries, sleeps,
heals under the sun


January 12, 2018


(One of my daughter’s college friends became involved in a trafficking ring. She thankfully escaped after a month and is now recovering. She attends a Christian college. This can happen to anyone, anywhere.)

Parents, talk to your kids, both young men and women need to know. Let them know these dangers exist everywhere. No one has the right to do this to anyone else, but this evil exists. Talk about it. Talk about making wise decisions. Talk to them: Be aware of your surroundings. Think before you act. Notice. Evaluate: should you be walking alone late at night on a particular street? Think: should you attend that party alone? Think: should you go to his apartment alone, especially someone you recently met? Think: should you say yes to that drink? Don’t drink, and don’t drink at parties. Someone could slip a drug into your drink and you’ll wake up somewhere else. It’s as easy as that for someone to take advantage of you. You need your senses to be safe. You can say no. Saying “no” is a crucial word you need to know and use. Always tell someone where you are going. Have a safety code word you can use to let someone know if you are in trouble. You can’t prevent every bad and horrible thing, and doing these things isn’t a guarantee, either, but you can take control of those decisions which you have control over. Safety is better than regrets. Your life is too precious. Human Trafficking Awareness Day was yesterday, January 11.