It’s the place we come back to: the place we started.

It’s the first step to any dream: taking a step, however small it might be.

At the end of a task, we remember where we began, where it all started. An Olympic athlete looks back to those first attempts. A writer looks back to the first draft. An elderly person looks back on his or her life.

It’s the beginning of our stories. Understanding our beginnings helps us to understand our “present” better. We understand one another better.  A beginning, as well as an ending, is something to celebrate, appreciate.

For any new project or victory to be overcome, or to have an ending, it must first have a beginning.

“In the beginning….”- in the Bible, God tells us about the beginnings of the earth that we live in. The beginning of all things is a complex, beautiful mystery. Humans have tried to explain these beginnings in human terms. We have only God’s word to explain His work and creation, which is put into our language to help us understand.

If you are faced with a new project or task, and don’t know where to start– there is actually a very good place to begin.

On the knees.

All we do and say, our every day, should begin right there.

In order to get up and begin, we must first get down.

And that is where we begin.





edited from the archives