What does it mean?

I’ve been learning more recently about what that means, and what I think God is asking from me. I’m being challenged with acknowledging my own misperceptions and biases. I’m being challenged to stand face to face with my own background and being challenged with my own journey and walk with diversity. I have felt like the “diverse” one, like the one who didn’t belong. My life growing up in the south and then moving to a city where I felt even more blatant prejudice have been parts of this journey. Although I thought I had dealt with and faced some of that, I realized very recently while reading a book what was still left undone. I am still reading the book; I am taking a break from it  right now, and will come back to it. It’s not that the subject matter is entirely new, but that I started to recognize where I needed healing in my own life in regard to the issue of race. It’s been good. It’s been a healing process. It’s what I needed- and the funny thing is, I didn’t even realize it until I started reading and began remembering. So that will be its own separate post and subject entirely, once I have all that sorted out. While it isn’t easy, I am so thankful.

I shared a very short post and brief “poem” recently to a writer’s group I belong to; the poem is actually a conglomeration of sentences I’ve had spoken to me through the years. 

Here is the link to my article https://www.redbudwritersguild.com/ask-me-what-i-dont-know/, and here is the link to a group of articles on the topic of “The Holiness of Diversity”  https://www.redbudwritersguild.com/. The articles are interesting and helpful; stories and information to encourage us all as we consider the subject of diversity. 🙂