is the right word for me this week

as my eldest boarded a plane for the poorest country in the western hemisphere

to spend a month

working in a remote area on the top of a mountain

a one hour drive up and down each day to the health clinic



is the right word for me

because in a week

my second eldest will also board a plane

for the summer

going even further away

for language study



dreams are not meant

to be kept hidden in boxes,

on shelves, covered in dust,

or forgotten, layered under

the remnants of forgotten years



dreams are meant to breathe

to soar, swoop, float, glide

dreams are meant to reach

beautiful destinations



I have some dreams I’ve kept in my pocket

for years, hidden from daylight

and brought out only under the night stars’ gleaming

and God knows each one of those stories

as I hold them in my hands like diamonds

glistening under the inky black sky

and He says, “reach”, “go”



words can fly

off the page

and one thing I wish for

is to make a living out of writing

to write full-time

that is a dream of mine

it takes time

and seems like a far-off country

out of reach

but each tiny flap of the wing

is a step toward trust

and a step forward in faith

to something beautiful ahead






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