Folks, I’m taking a break from a weekly article I began this summer called “Friday Feature”.


Friday Feature-Final-Card


I will evaluate this feature and may resume it again in the fall, but for now, my brain is saying “take a break” and the summer sun is beckoning me to enjoy the warmth instead of being stuck to a laptop screen. My mind wants a vacation right now. It will be here all too soon, once school starts, and I am not ready for that. Summer tends to feel like it’s one month short. In addition, I found it challenging to write these types of articles every single week this summer.  Sometimes it was my schedule; other times, it was my brain taking a vacation. It was an experiment and I’m still learning and evaluating.

If you have any opinions at all on this feature – like or dislike – let me know. I did notice it doesn’t get as many readers as some other posts. That isn’t the only reason to discontinue, but it does take more time than the usual blog post and I have to balance it with other writing and other activities. I may end up posting them less frequently because I have enjoyed some of them.