What did Autumn ask
Of you
On trails of fallen leaves
Where children stomp
Adults stroll and winds scatter?
What did your eyes seek
Among the rust, the gold?

You are the rod, the arm, the voice
You are honey withdrawn
From my soul

A foggy, misty morning
Is what I remember
Walking along the lane
The trees barely able to contain themselves,
Laughing and dropping leaves

You were the mirage in the distance
You were the note written on the leaf
That said “i love you”
Which a stranger placed in my hand

When I find the stranger, I’ll ask –
Was it you?
In the meantime, I cannot speak

What did Autumn ask of you
Or of me
Lonely shadows by day
Shimmering stars at night
Still searching for those words

And me, still talking to trees

© prasanta

(reposted from the archives)