Verb. Adverb. Noun. Adjective. Conjunction. This word “still”.

I am here still. I am walking still. I am breathing still. I am thinking still. I am living still. Still the sun shines. Still she smiles. Be still. The leaves have fallen; still hope remains. In the still of deepest night, an owl calls across the winter cold. The loon glided across the still waters. Even years later, still nothing changed. Still waters contain mysteries.

This word “still” is a unique one.



Life is a strange and mysterious thing. I have questions, so many. I won’t know the answers this side of heaven; still, I ask.



How easy to slip into a sea of despair, a gutter of darkness. I see the slide, the trickling hope, how it can disappear quietly. Oh, this life, this world, it is both a dark and light place. Do you see the winter?

Though the world is full of swords and thorns, I am thankful still.
I find hope in the beauty of the world, still.

Do you see the sun in winter?



Still, I hope in something bigger, someplace other. Despite the cracks, cuts, breaks, wounds. Still, I have doubts. Wonderings. Confusions. Questions.

Though it is true.
Though I have these.

Beauty still.
Wonder still.
Hope still.






Sharing with Five Minute Friday, for the prompt “still”. Photos from unsplash.