I don’t normally do posts like this, but here’s something fun.

If you’ve been stuck inside because of heavy snow, bitter cold, or winter in general, and need a movie to watch, here is a list of some ideas for you on Netflix.



The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society- A Netflix original and beautifully done. I wanted to jump into the movie and join their book club and discussion. 🙂

A Beautiful Mind- The story of John Nash, a Noble Laureate in Economics and his battle with mental illness; an excellent film.

Black Panther- Marvel movie, based on the comic of the same name.

North and South- A four-part miniseries on the story by Elizabeth Gaskell; wonderful mini-series.

Transcendence- This movie did not get that much attention, but it is fascinating and will leave you with questions about AI.

Experimenter- This movie is based on the experiments of psychologist Stanley Milgram. Thought-provoking. I had some good discussion with my kids about this movie. What do YOU think about the experiment’s results and why they ended as they did? What do you think of his experiments?

Lincoln- You know who he is. Good movie.

Lion- Based on a true story; about a boy who got lost in India and his life after that.

Julie and Julia- And older movie but a good one. Julie decides to cook meals from Julia Child and blog about her experience; meanwhile the movie flashbacks to scenes from Julia Child’s life.

The Man Who Knew Infinity- An interesting story about a math genius, Ramanujan.

Solo: A Star Wars Story- Han Solo meets Chewbacca in this film.

The Antman and the Wasp- Better than I thought it would be.

The Incredibles 2- Part 2’s aren’t usually that good, but Incredibles 2 was an exception to that.

The Hundred Foot Journey- A charming tale about food, restaurants, culture, relationships. (In this case, the movie is much better than the book, from what I was told.)

The Dark Knight- 2008 movie with Batman, directed by Christopher Nolan.

The King’s Speech- An excellent movie about King George VI, who had a stuttering problem.

Doctor Zhivago- An old classic.

Beauty and the Beast- I personally liked the recent remake of this movie.

Good Will Hunting- I watched this recently with my boys; a good movie.



How about something different? Ever watch a Bollywood movie? Here are a few worth your time (many of them aren’t). Incase you don’t know, some Bollywood movies are extremely long (3-4 hours); however, in recent years, the lengths have reduced dramatically. Also, Bollywood movies are known to have spontaneous numbers of song and dance. Don’t be surprised. It’s the way it is. And…the actors don’t sing. It’s all lip syncing.



Jodha Akbar- An excellent, beautifully produced epic-movie. The songs and choreographed numbers in this movie are superb as well. One of the best ones Bollywood has made. Based loosely on historical events.

Dilwale- A drama, with lots of comedy, Bollywood-style.

Chennai express- An entertaining rom-com.

Lagaan- A very good movie, a classic that every Indian person will watch.

Bahubali- An interesting mythological piece.

PK- A comedy, a little wacky…about an alien.

Taare Zameen Par- A story of a young boy with dyslexia. Another view of culture.

Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gum- It’s off Netflix now, but when it comes back, it’s very good, about the relationship between a father and a son, and why they get separated.

Veer Zaara- A love story; two people divided between Pakistan and India–and a great movie. It takes place in a region of India where my family hails from, so some of the terrain and scenery were a bit familiar. (This isn’t on Netflix currently, but if you can find it elsewhere, it’s worth it.)

Guru- An excellent movie about a business tycoon.

Piku- A bit unusual sense of humor (a little wacky), but decent movie and insight into the Indian culture and mindset.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore- A series of short films based on the stories of Tagore. Interesting–some even a bit haunting.

Barfi- A movie about disability and friendship.


I think there are enough ideas here for the rest of winter and beyond. 🙂 Let me know if you watch any of these, and what movies you would recommend. I’m always looking for some titles and scrolling through Netflix is a long process.