Today, I have the privilege of sharing a piece I wrote for The Art of Taleh blog today and my friend, Michelle Reyes. 


I love to laugh. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Maybe an old scrooge, or a sour old person? Granted, any one of us embittered in the toils and trials of life may find it hard to laugh. But, thankfully I think, most of us do truly enjoy a good hearty laugh.

Did Jesus laugh? How much? Was he usually solemn, serious, and downcast? Quiet and subdued? Can you imagine Jesus making jokes or imagine him laughing? Is this challenging to think about?

I have to admit when I think of Jesus, in my imagination, he isn’t typically laughing. I picture him kneeling, healing, bending, listening, crying, interceding. I picture him as thoughtful, introspective, or as the suffering servant.

But not usually laughing…

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