Hello friends! You may know that I love to write about belonging, culture, identity, cross cultural communication, and am passionate about us learning from each other and sharing our stories. I’m excited to announce that beginning next week, I’ll have a series of monthly IG Lives featuring stories of migration, belonging, and identity: each episode will feature a guest or two, and we’ll talk about culture, their story, what inspires them, where they felt they belonged and why, and get to know them! I’m calling these stories “Chai Chats”!

Next week, my first guest is Mitali Perkins, a lovely human being and author. I started reading her books last year, and I’m beyond delighted to hear her stories and learn from her! You can follow Mitali on Facebook or on Twitter.

Please join us on Instagram Live next Thursday, 2/24 at 1 1pm PT/ 3 pm CT, right here: https://www.instagram.com/prasantaverma/

Upcoming guests include Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young, runner, author, foodie, widow, podcast host, and professor Nancy Wang Yuen, PhD, sociologist, pop culture expert, author, and associate professor.

What questions do you have for Mitali or any upcoming guest? Please comment here or contact me via the contact page, and grab a cuppa chai or coffee and join us!!