Hi. I’ve missed you!

I’ve had a brief blog vacation. My mind needed a writing interlude to think and stretch a bit… and once I gave myself permission to rest from blog-writing for a short time, the break turned out to be just the refreshment I needed. I usually can’t wait to write… but I told myself the break would allow time to think and plan for the blog. And it actually worked: I enjoyed the time that I’d normally spend on writing on thinking, dreaming and planning about the blog and my writing future instead. How beneficial, and restful, it has been.

I’ve been giving this blog a great deal of thought and prayer. I’ve been thinking about changing the name and re-focusing a bit. I’ve been thinking of a blog redesign and registering a domain. All of these things will come to pass, one step at at time. It’s pretty exciting, actually.

I home-educate my kids… and an extremely busy fall season is imminent. Yet, just as my students have assignments due, I also will have blog posts “due”. I see it as part of my “work”. All of it– home-educating, writing,  and the many other things I do, are different parts of a multi-faceted life, making a complete whole.

Writing is a priority for me. In fact, it is something I have been doing for most of my life. Finally, it dawned upon me not too long ago, this revelation that I was “a writer”. I had been keeping a journal for years, began a blog a couple of years ago… writing is what I love to do, what I choose to do; in fact, maybe it actually chose me. It is part of who I am, what I simply do. Writing even helps me process my life.

I am a writer.

And a writer… well, she writes. So, I write. Because it is who God made me to be. I will continue to write, despite, and in the midst of, busy seasons… and learn how to survive dry spells, and let the thoughts pour in seasons when the ideas flow.

Sometimes I feel as if I have nothing new to say. Sometimes I’m trying too hard to say something profound. Sometimes my words may run dry. But sometimes, the words will mean something to someone and hit spot-on. All outcomes, even the undesirable ones, are possibilities; nevertheless, I will continue writing, because it is what I do, and positive outcomes are a very real possibility, too. The desire to create is in my DNA, and the desire to write something that reflects the Maker, or spur on another in her journey propels me forward. Because, as Luci Shaw says, art “says something in a way nothing else can…” and whether it be poetry, prose, or paint, the desire is planted in me to speak, to write, to create.

So… I’m back from my little blog vacation… back to say, I wasn’t really leaving, nor had I left.

By the way, are you wondering about the new blog name I’m thinking of?

Here is the blog name I’m pondering: “Rain for the Thirsty”.  The title holds different meanings for me. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments.

It’s so good to be back. 🙂