Do you need a place to create, think, write, pray?

A creative space offers a designated space to make your art. And making your art, doing the creative things you are gifted with, nourishes the spirit and soul.

I encourage you to find a place for this, if you don’t already. Most of us don’t have the luxury of an entire room, but perhaps even a corner, or a special chair, or even a desk turned toward a window… even a small change could serve the purpose of a creative place.

A creative place is any place where you create your art; a place that inspires you; a place for a quiet time; a place for contemplation; a place to rest even. It is up to you how you use your space, but it is a place that inspires you, sparks your creative spirit and encourages you to think in new ways.

Once you have carved out a little nook for yourself, here are some ideas to make it more personal:

1)      If your space allows, try to define that space with a rug, screen or curtain.

2)      Organize your space. Declutter. Remove unnecessary items from this area, and anything that would distract you.

3)      Make it yours, reflecting you. Hang a picture that you love or add a vase of flowers. If you enjoy music in the background, make sure you have a means of playing music in that space.

I’m still working on my space, or shall I say, “spaces.”

Let me explain.

We’ve cleared some space in the basement, where we’ve set up a long table for the sewing machine. I have a rolling plastic craft cart that will also go in this room. Sewing supplies, cloth, etc., are stored in plastic bins, and for now it will remain that way. That is the “sewing and craft space.”

I also want a space for painting—where that will be is completely undecided and up in the air right now, but the basement is the most likely place, in some corner somewhere. Right now all supplies are stored in a closet and I’d like them to live in the light of day.

My daughter and I are getting into photography and for this, I’m going to hang an inspiration board in the computer/school room where we both can see it. It seems like a logical place since it’s a room we are in each day, and since we use our computers to download and edit digital photos. In this same room, I have a paper organizer that I purchased at Sam’s Club a few years ago. We keep all kinds of paper here: construction paper, cardstock, printer paper, scrapbook paper, recycled paper, etc. I love it. On top of that, I have desk supplies, a globe (it is a school room), and a file rack.

In the empty space on the wall right next to this paper file is where the inspiration board will hang. The inspiration board is basically a corkboard, on which to hang any ideas that inspire. This is the Photography Inspiration place: a wall! Even a wall can be a creative space (in a way!).

I am a writer, so I’ve claimed a desk for myself, in a tiny room called “the office”. The “office” also has a spare fridge, a couple of bookshelves, a file cabinet, and a large shelving unit that serves as an overflow pantry. Stacked next to the pantry shelves are a few boxes of wires and computer equipment (which I cannot wait to get rid of….sssshhhh). It hardly sounds like the kind of room for writing or anything inspirational, with a white austere spare fridge, and canned goods (what could be less inspiring?), but the desk is next to a window, and I’m going to make it work and make that little desk space of mine a sort of retreat. That’s my goal, anyway. I also hope to use this room as a personal devotional and study space. So far it’s too cluttered for me to do this, with too many books and too much old computer equipment, all of which I find way too distracting, not to mention it sure doesn’t look too pretty. Can’t wait to get it fixed up. This is my writing and quiet time space.

Below is the inspiration board for my writing and quiet time space…which will be for whatever inspires me… quotes, photos, snippets of writing… art, whatever I like. I actually found this cute little board  when I was cleaning out the office. It’s something I’ve had for years but hasn’t been used. Time to be rescued and put to use!

The Inspiration Board above my desk--- empty so far!

Spaces are in transition; as seasons of life change, so do the spaces. I had been longing for a space I could call “my own” for quite some time now, and these are the solutions I’ve come up with. It’s not all ready yet, it’s a work in progress, yet it’s a start. And, maybe these spaces will never grace the cover of a magazine cover, but they work.

What about you? Do you already have a space for yourself, whether it be for creativity or for personal study? If not, is there a space you can claim? What else would helps you to be creative and develop your art?


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