One thing that highly distracts me is clutter. The truth is, though, I still have too much clutter around me. I find that when I’m in a room that is clutter-free and clean, I feel much more relaxed.

So my goal is to gradually declutter. I read a great tip on decluttering from the author of Organized Simplicity. (See her website, Simple Mom, for more great articles and ideas).

Her simple solution? When uncertain whether to discard or keep an object, ask this question:

Is it beautiful or is it useful?

If the answer to that question is yes, then keep the item. If the answer isย  no, then consider either donating the item if is still useful to someone else, or throwing it away (if it is broken, torn, etc.).

I love that tip.

The more I practice this, the better I get at it.

Decluttering and living more simply gives me a bit more peace. I’m not stressed or distracted by too many things around me calling out for attention.

And I like that.