As blades shoot upward
Break through the dirt

It can hurt, you know
Perhaps they are
Oblivious to pain
Or perhaps they endure
This birth
This purpose
This emergence
This existence
For simply
A few sunrises
A few sunsets
And some rain and sun
In the in-between

When flowers bloom alone
And no one sees them
Do they ache
That no one sees them
Perhaps they are simply
Companions for trees
Delight for insects
And creatures
And exist in joy
Simply being
Who and what they are
Oblivious to their beauty

If an occasional bystander
Or human walks by and happens to notice
They do not move their spot
Wave their arms
Change color
They do not uproot and move

I suppose they stay in the ground
Live their short-lived lives
Speaking a gospel to me
Until they die
Or unless I pluck them out of the ground
Bring them home
And they take joy in
The delight of dying
And my thirsty eyes

© prasanta May 2017


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all photo credits: me