A couple of weeks ago, I took a walk in a park. A little path wound through the park.


This field was a gorgeous sight dotted in yellow.


A few surprises just on the edge of the park trail included a sighting of mayapple.


The big surprise was to see the quantity of trillium. Look closely in the picture below for the little bits of white. That’s trillium–a large bunch of it in one area.


It was fun to find this little guy nearby the mayapple and trillium: jack-in-the-pulpit. An interesting plant, isn’t it?


These little plants are probably past their blooming stage now, as these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. Furthermore, trillium seem elusive to me, so it was delightful to find a whole grouping of them in one place. It’s fun to catch the show at just the perfect time.