Why These Two Little Words Matter

Two little words. Just two. I remember the times when others remembered to speak them to me. It's not that we do things for the "thank yous", but when others intentionally (or unintentionally) forget you--it can hurt. Perhaps you know of someone in your own life who...

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Porch Swing in September

(I'm not quite ready for the porch swinging to end! But I know those days are coming.) Porch Swing in September by Ted Kooser The porch swing hangs fixed in a morning sun that bleaches its gray slats, its flowered cushion whose flowers have faded, like those of...

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Writing From Exile: Breakout Session

  Hi Writing Friends! I'm honored to be leading a Breakout Session at the Breathe Writers Conference this fall! The session (and conference) will be virtual this year. Below is the summary for my session: Writing from Exile: Finding Hope Amidst Hardship—Prasanta...

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Solstice Lament (Poem)

Solstice Lament   A leaf, flower, blue egg blossom in brief— short season of thaw before heads scurry in holes. For now, irony— gaining inches of darkness while days shimmer in verdurous splendor, efflorescent interval. Light soon dissolves— night spreads...

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Living in Pandemic Time

We’ve heard of kairos time and chronos time. Maybe, tongue in cheek, now we have “pandemic time”. Indeed, how do we define time during a pandemic? There is the slow, thick movement of monotonous days at home during quarantines. Simultaneously, there is the sense of...

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‘What Will a Life Magnify?’

Did Jesus practice eucharisteo* as he walked to Calvary? As people spat and spurned, did he continue to give thanks to God the father? Did he continue to give thanks as he was so greatly burdened, bowed down with the heavy load, bruised, agonizing, and all he could...

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Devotional from Nahum

I wrote this devotional months ago, long before any thought of a pandemic. Yet, isn't that true of any calamity? We don't know when one might happen. But one thing doesn't change: God is still the same God. He will address what's wrong in the world. “The Lord is good,...

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“Go Back to Where you Came From…”

It was another typical hot, sunny, Southern day. I felt the red clay beneath my feet heating up like hot coals. We were outdoors for recess, in a softball field, and no one else could hear the conversation, far out of earshot of the teacher on duty. My classmate...

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